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Along with detailed tutorials on making the most of your online profile, the site brings its tools along for your date with a new mobile version. Members can search by area, disability and interests.

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MySpecialMatch was created by Shannon and her husband, who have a daughter with special needs. They wanted to create a space where she and others like her could find friends and potential partners in a fun, safe, and private space. We hope that we can make a difference in all of their lives. A brand-new, private dating site and social community for disabled people. Since , the team at Whispers 4 U has been helping thousands of disabled singles find love and companionship.

They cater to those seeking everything from simple chats to finding solid dating potential, or even landing that one you keep. Video tutorials are in place for helping set up a killer profile and how to best utilize a webcam safely.

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Free and paid memberships options are available. Soulful Encounters has no monthly fees and a vibrant, growing membership for you to engage with. Meet Disabled Singles faces the challenge of finding like-minded individuals head on through digital flirts and searchable members. Potential partners can be sorted by region, sexuality, religion and type of disability.

Live video chat rooms are available when you find someone you want to chat up. This free site is specifically designed around helping people with all types of disabilities make those true connections of love. Their emphasis is on maintaining a positive web atmosphere for their members in a secure environment. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

In a world when your child comes first, single parents are often reminded that they should never be focusing on themselves in any capacity - including finding love again in their lives. Even under the best of circumstances trying to merge two lives that already come with a host of experiences or what some people refer to as "baggage" can be trying and complicated.

13 Best Dating Sites for Disabled Singles

Pursuing personal happiness is not a selfish move, but rather a personal investment in replenishing your reserves and remembering your self-worth. She has gone on a bunch of 'meet and greets' and what usually happens is she is asked more about her daughter's condition, and then men start to squirm in their seats, or they don't, and then she never hears from them again. Susan had several dates with another gentleman, who met her daughter after thirty days of dating but it ended shortly thereafter. Because of the care giving involved for her daughter, she is limited to places where she can meet single men in person, as such her primary way of meeting men has been from several online dating websites.

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Susan recognizes she has some greater challenges with dating but still wants to find someone to share her life with. Susan says it is a lot for someone to take in when you're explaining to someone who is not a part of the special needs world, that your kid has multiple things going on. But she is also just a normal little girl who likes to play, have friends, loves music and she loves people. Susan also feels that many men in her age group wish to be, "empty nesters", and don't want to assume the care and responsibility of a child with special needs.

Dating with a Disability #RealTalk

I asked Susan what her greatest advice would be to a single parent who has a child with special needs who wants to date. Real life stories, issues and experiences of day to day life by special needs parents and healthcare professionals. Author of Noah's Miracle blog.

Dating When You Have a Child with Special Needs

Noah had suffered "global damage" to his brain. As a result the prognosis was grim. They said Noah would mostly likely never walk, talk, eat or even breathe on his own.

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