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Once, my older sister reported that she found out a boy in her class was a whole month younger, and it was unanimously decided that that ruled him out entirely. When one of our aunts remarried a man a decade younger, a tizzy broke out between the three of us — what was she doing? I didn't know why then, but when I look back I can see that it was all about keeping with what we'd been taught was the status quo.

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We'd been raised to think that a man should be the head of the household, the main breadwinner, someone we girls had to look up to and respect. Wouldn't it make sense, then, that he'd be older, too — richer in life experience, to guide us through our lives? Why don't they get the message? Scientists have suggested that this inbuilt proclivity for older men is evolutionary — that women are drawn to the "alpha male" who is wiser, older, more experienced and powerful.

This is especially pronounced during formative teenage years, but once we get into our twenties, does it really matter?

Some of my most disastrous romantic affairs have been with men five years older who still behave like emotionally stunted children. I struggle, too, to prescribe to this idea when it's profoundly steeped in archaic gender essentialism. When women date younger men, it can raise eyebrows, but when men date younger women, no one blinks. It's almost perceived as a fetish — the older woman, always on the prowl, preying on the innocent young man These terms, and this mindset, take agency away from both parties, turning a consenting adult relationship into a caricature.

Commitment issues.

You can see it in the way that media talks about these pairings, too — celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Demi Moore have all copped the "cougar" label, with their partners referred to as "toy boys" and "young hunks", but there's no such fuss when older men pair up with much younger women dare I bring Donald and Melania into this?

Tell me this is just dating in the age of Drumpf. If you know a story of a woman who complained about feeling old on a date, that I need to hear! Really, tell me whatever your thoughts are after reading in the comments below. Or you can pop over to my Twitter or Facebook.

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Why aren’t more women open to dating younger men?

My Husband is 2 years younger: My first boyfriend was a senior and I was. I thought it was so cool until after we broke up. I could not fathom dating. Sophomore when I was a senior.

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It was weird one I got to the older age! I figure you need someone who is the same maturity as you and in the same space as you, no matter the ages.

When some people have careers and kids and others are still figuring it out! And all in between! Thanks so much for share and to your fella for giving younger dudes a good name! Oddly enough my first roommate is in a serious relationship with a man 15 years Her senior. As a woman the age bias has always bothered me. For one, I feel like society deems the aging woman as unattractive and less valuable than a younger Lady.

Suddenly, I was keenly aware of anti-aging creams and regimens.

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Trying likely futilely to stop the forward march of time. Maybe it was a trap! Also, I never want babies, hate the concept of marriage, and love three-ways with other girls! I once met a man in New York, he said he was 39, but online said he was He kept saying he was Kind of kind I miss his phone calls.

I was 22, he was I was 28, he was Sometimes an age difference of 4 years feels like nothing. Men get to talk about feeling old on a date without a second thought! The Newest Foodie Craze in Town: I am so grateful to have read this piece.